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Alkalizing 101 Workshop

August 11, 2016

The body is dynamic and strives to maintain homeostasis, including acid-base balance. Each system of the body has its own physiological pH range and when the tissue or organ varies too far out of that pH range, it becomes susceptible to dysfunction and disease. An acidic terrain contributes to inflammation, reactions (ex. allergies), toxic build-up and tendency towards chronic conditions. In turn, a proper acid-base balance in the body promotes regulation and regeneration, leading to good health and wellbeing.

Join Angela Ford-Reimche and Heather Schofield as they discuss the ‘Art of Alkalizing’. Information will be shared on how to easily optimizing the terrain through acid-base balance, with review of testing procedures and the type of information that can derived from practical in-office pH testing techniques (including urine, saliva, and BTA). Straightforward acid-base protocols and diet will be detailed, for easy incorporate into practice and ensuring successful patient results.

Discussion and practical tips for:

  1. Urinary, salivary and blood pH ranges

  2. Information derived from urine, saliva and blood pH

  3. Acid-base testing techniques

  4. Salivary pH Acid Challenge

  5. The Art of Alkalizing

  6. Milieu modulation with physiological lactic acid, citric acid and formic acid

  7. How to optimize digestion with acid-base balance

Clear Skin + Luvos Workshop

July 14, 2016

Most people think about detoxification within the body, but what about for the skin? The skin represents a deeper reflection of the body’s internal health. Skin requires therapy from the inside out and since a variety of factors play a role in skin conditions, it is important to address the underlying causes.

Join Heather Schofield and Angela Ford-Reimche as they discuss the underlying causes of skin conditions. They will outline techniques for appropriate detoxification of the emunctories and milieu; support the gut in relation to allergies; hormonal balance; optimal nutrition and hydration for the skin; emotional health; and topical non-suppressive symptomatic support. Luvos, a traditional German mineral healing earth, will be highlighted as an ideal therapy for all patients to naturally promote beauty on the inside and out.

Discussion and practical tips for:

  • Safe, natural and non-suppressive topical skin treatments

  • Detoxification – for beauty on inside and OUT

  • Systemic enzyme therapy

  • Underlying emotional issues

  • Optimal nutrition and hydrate for healthy skin

  • Luvos – external and internal mineral earth therapy

  • Healthy Skin Protocols

“I just love how pure and clean Luvos is. It is a mask without the chemicals. It is simple to use, I just add water” ~ A.A.

Musculoskeletal Health: Remedies for injuries and prevention

March 17, 2016

The musculoskeletal system provides structure and movement. When this system becomes impaired from illness or injury, one finds themselves unable to function and ‘stopped in their tracts’. Musculoskeletal conditions are the most common cause of chronic disability, with a 25% increase seen in the last decade and this number is expected to rise with our aging population.

For a wholistic approach to musculoskeletal health, join Angela Anoliefoh as she discusses how to use a variety of multi-disciplinary techniques to successfully address musculoskeletal conditions. Understanding the deeper underlying causes of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions will set practitioners up for greater success with patient recovery. Throughout reviewing the musculoskeletal system and musculoskeletal conditions, Angela will present protocols, techniques and lifestyle modifications to both maintain and improve musculoskeletal health in your patients.

This webinar will cover:

  • Primary musculoskeletal conditions:

    • Arthritis - osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, crystal arthritis (gout)

    • Back pain

    • Osteoporosis, fragility fractures

    • Injuries (occupational and sports)

  • The link between emotions and musculoskeletal conditions

  • Treatment, strategies, and techniques for prevention of musculoskeletal health

  • Important lifestyle modifications

  • Comprehensive protocols

Recipe for Success For Athletic Performance and Your Athletic Patients

November 05, 2015


Kinetic energy by definition is the energy of an object in motion. In the human body, our muscles convert chemical (ATP) energy into the energy of motion. When energy output is enhanced, greater athletic performance and recuperation from chronic exhaustion conditions can successfully be achieved.

Join Angela Anoliefoh, MSc. as she discusses how to optimize energy output in a wide spectrum of patients: from recuperation and exhaustion fatigue (chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout) to high performance athletes and recreational exercise (joggers, gym goers, weekend warriors). Understanding each type of patient will determine which therapeutic considerations are required to optimize their individual energy output. Drawing on her clinical experience, Angela will outline strategies including the psychological mindset, detoxification, acid-base balance, increasing energy production within the body, regeneration and repair, sleep, improved recovery time, how to safely use theromogenics and fat burners, and optimizing energy output. The recipe for success for your patients: its about the mind and body, and giving it what it needs to perform.

This webinar will cover information including:

  • Psychological mindset behind performance

  • Muscle fatigue and recovery

  • What to do at the beginning of a program: BMI, detox, hydration, nutrition

  • Testosterone and Steroids

  • Combating burnout and adrenal fatigue

  • Treatment protocols and ideal supplementation

  • Recipes for natural sports drinks, fat burners and protein cookies

  • Training and Competition: how to optimize energy output before, during and after


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