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Stress less, smile, enjoy life, and flourish


Are you feeling…

  • Tired but wired or exhausted and overwhelmed?

  • Or are you easily confused, forgetful, and often wondering where your adult brain has go? 

  • Perhaps you just keep gaining weight despite everything that you try. 

  • Feeling sluggish and suffering from poor digestion?

  • Sudden mood swings and sugar cravings?

  • Emotionally fragile or lost your self confidence”.

  • Not sleeping well, either finding it hard to switch of your brain or falling not bed exhausted only to wake up a few hours later unable to go back to sleep?


All of these symptoms can be a sign of your body’s increasing inability to appropriately respond to stress


"Your stress matters greatly, as stress is now considered one of the most significant factor in the development of 90% of illness. Stress affects hormones, blood sugar balance, cause gain weight and much more."

Stress on many levels is inevitable and you can't avoid or get rid of it completely, but  you can improve your resilience to stress and utilise many simple ways that can dissipate the effects of stress on our bodies.


You know that you want to change things and you are tired of simply being told to RELAX because that feels impossible to do!


Are you looking for Tools to Transform Your Stress?

 Tools that can help you to,
  •  Overcome and release stress,

  • Reduce and manage anxiety

  • build Stress Resilience

  • accelerate your Healing

  • reclaim your adult brain, so that you can think calmly and clearly again.

  • restore your energy, rebalance your hormones

  • So that you can reclaim your right to live as the Vibrant Well Women that you yearn to be.


Our modern life is filled with daily challenges, relentless hectic pace of too much to do in a limited amount of time. Everyone seems to want something from you! This is the kind of stress that most of us recognise.

This pressure when coupled with skipping meals or eating processed meals on the run, inadequate sleep, combines to create a chronic stress response in our bodies.

In fact there are many other forms of Stress that we can experience;

  •   Physical stress,

  •   Nutritional stress,

  •   Environmental stress,

  •   Toxic stress

  •    Emotional Stress. ( most of us are familiar with this form of stress)


To our subconscious brain each stressful  episode feels like a threat to our very survival, like facing the proverbial “tiger”..

This response to threat is known as Fight or Flight response. Our bodies literally stop healing and go into survival mode preparing to fight or run; releasing a cascade of hormones and other physical reaction in our bodies.

We are not designed to be in chronic “fight or flight response” or "sympathic hyperfunction"; and when we are, our body cannot adequately repair and rejuvenate.


Women’s bodies respond to stress differently than men’s do, and the health impact of chronic stress is greater for women.

Chronic Stress frequently results in feeling constantly tired, wired, overwhelmed, emotionally up and down, poor sleep and disturbed appetite.


And as if we do not have enough to deal with, chronic stress can also lead to:

  •       Adrenal fatigue and “ burn Out”

  •       Depression

  •       Hormonal imbalance or disruption

  •       Unexplained weight gain or difficulty losing excess weight

  •       PMS

  •       Increased risk of infertility issues

  •       Early menopause with an increased severity of symptoms

  •       Increased risk of developing insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

  •       Food Intolerance

  •       Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  •       Poor immune function

  •       Increased incidence of Cancer

  •       Increase risk of Heart Disease.


As you can see you  “Stress matters” could be the underlying cause of so many of your health issues.

It may seem as though stress is just an inevitable part of modern living  that has to be coped with as best as possible, but it is possible to  live an engaged life, with less stress responses and a body that is healthy.

At True Health Wellness Studio, you will find  a wide range of tools to combat and transform your stress.

Using an integrated mind/body approach, Angela Ford-Reimche, Integrative Holistic and Physiological Practitioner, can combine all of her skills, clinical experience and qualifications to act as your wellness ambassador.   

Working with you, Angela   will determine the various forms of stress affecting you. She will then create for you, a personalised program, basically charting your path, from where you are now, back to the healthy flourishing you.


You will discover new ways to feel relaxed

  •  Tools to reduce and manage your stress and anxiety,

  •   How to Improve and restore your energy,

  •    Re-balance your hormones naturally,

  •  How your foods affect your moods and Your moods  affect your food choices

  •   What you need to eat so that you can feel great

  •   How  your thoughts can create stress, how stress affects your thinking, and how you can change that.


Each individual is treated uniquely with specific programs and treatments for THEIR individual needs. Angela places  particular emphasis on showing each clients how they can take  back control  through  foods, knowing how to release old stress and unresolved emotions conflicts that creating ailment in the body, and energy balancing.

 The Stress reduction and release processes and solutions available at True Health Wellness Studio include: Clinical Nutrition; Rubimed Therapy, Bowen Therapy; Wellbeing Coaching; Angela Ford-Reimche also has training in Clearing blocked chakras/ Autonomic Nervous Systems and Flower Essence. 

All of these services can be used as a standalone processes, though the most rapid return to vibrant health and Stress Free living usually occurs when they are used in combination.


To find out more about how you can reduce stress, overcome anxiety naturally and become the whole you again.


Please note that these services are available to both men and women and children of all ages.


You deserve to  discover how you can Get Well. Stay Well. Live Well and Flourish.  Let yourself feel  the joy of being vibrantly healthy and experience Flourishing Wellbeing

True Health Wellness Studio  ” Supporting you to Flourish”

“Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is... The only problem in your life is your mind's resistance to life as it unfolds. ” 
― Dan Millman

“The mind can go either direction under stress—toward positive or toward negative: on or off. Think of it as a spectrum whose extremes are unconsciousness at the negative end and hyperconsciousness at the positive end. The way the mind will lean under stress is strongly influenced by training.” 
― Frank Herbert, Dune

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Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant, Health & Wellness Coach, Life Purpose Coach and Energy Healer.
"I see myself as a health and wellness coach, advocate and mentor. My goal is to spark and stimulate the healing process with the natural and multi faceted modalities of  biological medicine and holistic protocols..."
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