Spiritual and Aura Rebalancing Package

The energy of life entering and leaving your body flows evenly throughout the universe. With that current, the mind of the cosmos communicates with all things. ― Ilchi Lee, LifeParticle Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddha


There are 2 main approaches and modalities that I use to address Spiritual Rebalancing. These

both represent my overall approach as they combine science and nature in their healing methods.

Emotional Origins and underlining cause of Disease

For those of us who have experienced emotional traumas, we know how much these experiences

can affect us. Symptoms range from insomnia, to actual physical pain. In fact, any physical

symptom can be related to emotional trauma because physical symptoms are physical

manifestations of our distress that results in a physical manifestation.

Other Causes of Emotional Conflicts 

A combination of factors means that the predominance of the sympathetic mode is the norm. Stimuli over a certain threshold of loudness, brightness, speed affect the nervous system, as do stimulants in food, drink and drugs. Culturally we’re into over rather than under-stimulation. Further, an increase in acidity at cellular level predisposes the body to sympathetic activity (and correspondingly alkalinity links with the parasympathetic). And so, of course, vice versa: if the body is in a constant state of sympathetic activation, there is an over-acidity in the tissue, which has an effect on health.



I use the REBA testing method and Aura balancing/ clearing.

Our Spiritual Rebalancing Package

Discovery Session: 30 min

  • Consultation and Goal Setting

In Depth Session – Including Initial Testing: 120 min


  • Health and Lifestyle History Consultation


  • REBA Testing

  • ANS Testing 

  • Chakra Testing and Scan

  • Aura Balancing - First Layer

  • Review of Testing and Current Symptoms

  • Crystal Therapy (if needed)



  • 1-2 Month Management Plan

  • Lifestyle Nutritional Plan

  • Aura Balancing Second and Third Layer

  • Applicable Supplements – rebalancing nervous system


Take Aways:

  • Specific homeopathic & botanical remedies – focused on specific organs

  • Applicable Exercise regiment and plan

  • Applicable Recipes

  • Chakra balancing stones

  • Angel Essence Remedies

  • Positive affirmation for the chakra, and angel essence meanings


Therapy Sessions: 3 X 45 – 60 min
Bio Resonance Treatments focuses on:

  • Rebalancing of  the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Processing of Emotional Trauma – remove blockage

  • Support of Detoxification Organs – kidney, liver and digestion

  • Elimination of Toxins

**Remedy cost is extra: 

(based on test results)**

“Soul Transcendence, the direct awareness of our spiritual connection with the Divine, is a process of realizing the detached, nonmaterial state that is the source of our true wealth and prosperity.”
-John Morton, DSS, spiritual director of MSIA

Aura Balance

Aura Balancing is a technique for clearing the aura (or energy field) that surrounds the physical body.

There is a series of three aura balances, the first clearing imbalances in the physical aura, the second

clearing imbalances in the emotional aura, and the third clearing imbalances in the mental/spiritual


Each aura balance helps strengthen the consciousness so that you can better handle everyday stress,

tension, and emotional changes; aura balances also help bring the mind, body, and emotions into a

greater creative flow. Because you perceive the environment through your aura, a balanced aura can

give you a more accurate view of the world.

Is this therapy approach right for me?

Getting more balanced and in life and reducing pain are big motivations why clients schedule this

therapy. Pain can come in many forms:

  • Physical Pain

  • Emotional pain and conflicts from stressful events in life

  • Spiritual angst when ones old life no long makes sense and the new inspiration for the for the next step and approach has not yet appeared

  • Grief or loss

  • Feeling stuck in life

  • Wanting to let go of past hurt

Transform your life by integrating your past and re-balancing your energy. It is heard to get to a peaceful and calm if you have never been there before. Allow me to guide you to that peaceful place in yourself

“Our exclusive dependence on rational thought and language has obscured our natural ability to sense the flow of energy.” 
― Ilchi Lee, Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back Into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life

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Angela Ford, M.Sc, Ph.D (c), CET
Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant, Health & Wellness Coach, Life Purpose Coach and Energy Healer.
"I see myself as a health and wellness coach, advocate and mentor. My goal is to spark and stimulate the healing process with the natural and multi faceted modalities of  biological medicine and holistic protocols..."
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