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Your Uniqueness- Pause and Remember

July 22, 2017

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DETOX: It's more than skin deep!

March 23, 2016

Many of us have heard of detox for our bodies, but what about for our skin? The detox organs and pathways known as the "emmuctories" do a great deal for our bodies. With that said, what goes on inside our bodies and subsquently will affect the condition(s) of our skin. 


What we put into our body can and does manifest on our skin. These manifestation tell quite a lot about the shape of the inside of our body. There are different things and measures that we can take to ensure healthy and glowing skin. A healthy inside will also reflect a healthy outside.

It's important to to follow the ABCs of detox and healthy skin.



A big part of clean eating is having greens as often as possible while eliminating processed foods. Processed foods include refined sugars. While eliminating processed foods, it is also important to reduce adn eliminate allergen causing foods such as dairy, gluten, GMOs, and artificial sweeteners. Even natural sweeteners such as stevia should be consume in small quanties. Also choose rainbow and colourful foods that help the body to repair. Consuming dark, leafy greens such as spinach, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, seaweed, are very important because they are power-boosting foods that deliver nutrients to your body and eliminate toxins. Toxins can often congest the body and deposit on the skin as metabolic waste, which can add to the aging of the skin cells.  Eat more citrus fruits as they are believed to fight the appearance of cellulite. They also help in repairing skin collagen because of they're high in vitamin C content. It is important to get antioxidants into the body, so that they can fight free radicals. Free radicals can damage the skin cells, thus adding to the appearance of pre-mature aging. Fresh fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, blueberries, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, beets, broccoli, and cilantro are some of the foods you can consume that contain a great deal of antioxidants, which help to repair your body and skin.



Most do not think about fats as being helpful for the skin. Infacts, consuming healthy fats not only support normal hormone levels and increase vitamin absorption, the are also helpful in that they assist the body burning bad fats. The reality as that good fats burn bad fats.  Good fats are what are known as EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids). Our body really need these fats and does not make it on its own. So you only get them from foods you eat. It's important that they are a good quality source. These good fats also make you feel more satisfied and thus reducing the likelyhood to crave bad and/ or unhealthy fats. Bad/ unhealthy fat really ultimately make your skin look puffy and doughy. It's important to include nuts, lean protein such as chicken, fat rich fish such as salmon and tuna, and healthy oils such as, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado!



Drink warm water, green and raspberry leave teas. They help to hydrate the body and the skin. Also drink about root-derived teas such as nettle, ginger, burdock, dandelion, or sarparilla. They can boost the effectiveness of your body's natural filters: the kidneys and liver, lymphatics, gallbladder. They can aslo, reduce uneye bags and puffiness in the skin around your eyes. It's also the easiest and quite efficient way to help your body to clean toxins on a daily basis!



Treat yourself to an easy and economical treatments at home that mimic that of expensive spas, both in quality and efficacy. It is as easy as giving yourself a facial with hot water, a clean cloth, and essential oils such as citrus, tea tree, lavendar or mint. Add the oil to a bowl of hot water, soak the towel in the mixture, wring in out, and drape it over your face for 10 minutes. You can also use a humidifier. Put your face close to the vapours and drap a towel over your head and to help seal in the moisture. This will help to open your pores and prepare your skin for a fabulous facial mask.

Choose mask formulations that are specifically for detoxifying, such as a mud mask, or you can simply make your own with natural ingredients. These include and not limited to green tea, honey, oatmeal, avocado, cucumber, citrus fruits and mineral earth. Follow up with a good quality moisturizer or a natural moisturizer such as jojoba oil, almond oil, rosehip oil which mimics the skin's naturally produce sebum.



When you're detoxing, your skin may need a little help sloughing off the old/ dead skin. Use an exfoliating scrub, or make your own with oatmeal, lavender buds, or finely ground almond shells. For you an even deeper cleanse, you can alway splurg and get one of the Clarisonic vibrating spin brush, with over 1000 revilusions per minute. The remove oil, dirt and make-up while leaving your skin feeling cleansed, pores unclogged and fresh. 



This helps the body to detox by way of the sweat glands. Furthermore, working up a sweat is a great and natural way for not only your skin, but your entire body to release toxins and metabolic wastes through your sweat glands. Not only that, exercise is a great way to de-stress.  Stress can manifest on the skin. Incorporate yoga and power yoga, strength & weight training, pilates, running, tai chi, etc into your daily practice.



Meditation is vital to calm the inner voices of the mind and de-stress.  It can help in not only detoxing the mind of negative thoughts, but also to limit and eliminate those thoughts which can manifest on the skin in forms for rashes, blemishes, acne etc. Meditation can also, help you to bring forth your inner beauty. 



It is important to get adequate and restful sleep. You should aim for between 7-9 hours

of peaceful sleep. Your face and body will reflect it. Dark under the eye circle, puffiness, and bags understand the eyes, and a generally tired appearance are telltale signs of lack of sleep. Rest sleep allows the body to detox, repair and regenerate. 


STAY FOCUS AND ON TRACK (stay on track with conscious health changes)

It is imperative that with the conscious health changes you have made that you keep moving forward. Once you're looking and feeling great, make it a point not to slide back into old habits. Be conscious of your new habits and remember to reward yourself. Such rewards could be a pair of fantastic sunglasses to protect your eyes, a new workout outfit to stay enthused about exercising and looking good doing the exercise, or even that dress or skinny jeans that you've had your eye on. 


You only get one body and the dressing is the skin, so give it the best you can so that it can shine. 






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