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Your Uniqueness- Pause and Remember

July 22, 2017

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Hydrate to Combat Low Energy and Bad Mood: Ways to Feel Better

When we think about hydration, often we think about just being thirsty and then grabbing the closest pop, soda, flavoured or diet drinks. We don't often associate having low energy and over-eating, to being dehydrated.  Often times when we feel low in energy or find ourselves overeating, feeling cranky, feeling fatigued, and unable to focus; it may be that we are dehydrated.  Even mild dehydration can influence mood, energy levels and the ablity to think clearily. 

There are staggering statistics that show that most people do not get enough daily intake of water. Research as shown that sbout 78% of people in the developed world are dehydrated most of the time. Yet is is very easy to drink clean, fresh water. There are many ways to get your daily intake of water. 

** Get a glass bottle that is 1 litre or more. Fill it up with water and sip through out the day. That way, you can ensure that you are in taking adequate amounts of water. Also, drink room temperature water; it's easier on the digestive system.

** Add lemon or other fruits such as: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, to your water for a hint of flavor and sweetness without adding calories or preservatives: Make sure that the fruits are organic, so that you can avoid and decrease the chances of herbicides and pesticides. 

** Drink green and herbal teas. They contain nutrients that increase the body's ability to absorb water.  They also help to maintain a healthy circulatory system. Furthermore, they help to increase energy, beat stress and improve brain activity. Green tea also helps with the skin's vitality.

** Eliminate and avoid soda, pop, energy drinks and water flavour packets. They are full sugar and empty calories. They infact actually dehydrate you more. The also congest the body's organs. There is also the fact of sugar addiction that stems from drinking sodas, pops, energy drinks etc.  

Often when we feel hungry, our body is actually craving something to drink. It is important to keep in mind that plain water or other non-alcoholic and caffeine-free drinks are best for fighting dehydration.

These little changes will not only help you to drink more water easier, they will also make staying hydrated an integral part of your daily routine. Furthermore, staying hydrated have some great side benefits. It will help aid your digestion and make you feel more full.


Research as shown that maintaining good hydration is important for good health. Since, our body is made up of 75% water,  and our brain is made up of 83% water, it is important to replenish the water that our body needs to function optimally. 


To check your own hydration state, take a look at the color of your urine: if it’s darker yellow colour rather than nearly clear, you are most likely dehydrate and you need to consume more water.



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