Guardian and Archangel Loving Shield


Angel Essence Spray - Organic Essential Oil - Charged and Infuses with Angelic Crystals - Infused with Flower Essenses, Energy Clearing Mist - Aromatherapy - Fragrance - Gift -


Connection, Clarity and Loving Protection 

Includes: Actual Angel Crystal Pieces


This Spray helps to create a loving connection to the protection and shield of your guardian angel. Helps to make the connection to the different Archangels as well.


Use it when you feel the need for guidance, support, clarity or protection, or if you just want to feel safe and nurtured in the wings of an angel.


This Angel Essence helps to facilitate a loving connection to the embrace and protection of your guardian and Archangels. It helps you to get in touch with your Guardian Angel who has been by your side all your life waiting to help you.

Use when you feel fearful, overwhelm, anxious and just some extra love from your guardian angels. It also helps to relieve the emotional charge from heartache over loss or separation, and in overcoming heartbreak after a relationship has broken down.


It helps lift the spirit to a higher vibration, bring immediate clarity and many smiles. Feel the warmth and love of their wings around you and know that you are always loved, guided, protected and shielded.


Has also been known to make the angels more apparent when used before meditation as it helps open your intuitive powers and gifts.


Direction: Shake Well Before Use

Spray all around you and room.  Spray before meditition. Spritz on power points, like wrists, behind ankles or on your finger tip and rub onto your third eye chakra before meditation. Set your intensions with positive white light and connect with your guardian angels and the various Archangels. 


This is a set of 3 Sprays 

Set of 3 Angelic Shield+ Spray 2 oz.


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