Post Competition Body & Gut Repair and Detox: Diagnostics Testing and Detox Programs

“Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever.” ― Subodh Gupta

Post competition body repair program is designed to reset the body to properly heal it's self. Competition diets, supplementation and training can cause stress and damage to organs. This program includes diagnosingtic and

testing of damaged or burdened organs and as well as nutrition & detox programs to help to reset, repair and rebalance the body so that you feel healthier and better.


The body repair and detoxification programs are designed to reset, repair and

rebalance the body. Nutrition is accessed based on body type, hormone

imbalances, constitution types and metabolic types so that we can reset the

body. Detox is an integral component of this. This includes reducing the

consumption and intake of animal protein, increasing the consumption of

greens and vegetables, fibers, antioxidants to reduce free radicals, detoxing off

the use of steroids and other incompatible supplements. This allows the body

to repair without the burden that the organs go through to metabolize and

break down excess amounts of incompatible nutrients. Diagnostic testing is

done to access over-burdened, stressed and congested organs and the

necessary and appropriate protocols and detoxification is applied to speed up


Professional grade supplementation in addition to dietary changes can help to speed up healing and make dietary and lifestyle changes easier. Supplements can enhance organ function, for example by improving thyroid, adrenal or liver function, curbing food cravings, healing the intestines and increasing digestive efficiency. These supplements will be tested using the Reba Device to make sure that your body responds to them. Those supplements that do not respond well to the body and/or congesting the body’s organs are eliminated as they may result in bloating, constipation, inflammation etc. True Health Wellness Studio carries only high quality supplements.  

Analyzing your dietary habits, Angela can provide key dietary advice, specific detox protocols and remedies and specific nutritional supplement recommendations that are most relevant to your state of health to help to repair, regenerate, restore and rebalance your body post competition.

“Maintaining one’s health in today’s toxic rich environment requires proper rest, hydration, an abundant intake of nutrients, and regular internal cleansing practices” ― Gary Hopkins


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Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant, Health & Wellness Coach, Life Purpose Coach and Energy Healer.
"I see myself as a health and wellness coach, advocate and mentor. My goal is to spark and stimulate the healing process with the natural and multi faceted modalities of  biological medicine and holistic protocols..."
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