Energy Healing Therapy/ Distance Healing

The energy of life entering and leaving your body flows evenly throughout the universe. With that current, the mind of the cosmos communicates with all things. ― Ilchi Lee, LifeParticle Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation

Get relief from stress and physical discomfort using energy healing !


Get rid of unhealthy habits, reduce stress, improve yourself and relationships.

Are you Feeling Anxious?

Are you Feeling Stressed?

Do you feel a lack of energy?

Are you feeling un-motivated

Looking for ways to relax and wind down

after a hectic week?

Energy Healing may be just what you need.


What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a mind-body therapy designed to help identify and restore wholeness and well-being.  Your energy is fueled by diet, past experiences and relationships.   Any one or more of those energy sources can trigger addictions and compulsions, unhealthy patterns and mental/emotional and physical distress.   Energy Healing addresses those triggers so that you can move forward.

By the time a chronic condition arises, it has had a long incubation period.  Energy Healing addresses physical and emotional triggers that stop you from making sound decisions and healthy advances in your life.  Often times, the triggers get ignored because the symptoms are more obvious and require a lot of time and energy.  For example, an eating/smoking/spending habit takes a lot of emotional and physical energy, as does challenging relationships and situations that keep repeating themselves.  Many people suffer in silence until the body breaks down.  Even at that point Energy Healing can help.

Conditions For Energy Healing

When life gets messy, your body demands attention.  It’s not always a healthy kind of attention, but that’s where Energy Healing comes in.   It takes into account that you are already whole, happy and healed.  A number of conditions can be helped with Energy Healing:

- Anxiety/Panic Disorders

- Autonomic Dysfunction

- Exhaustion
- Compulsive Behaviors (eating, smoking, spending, etc.)

- Depression
- Chronic Conditions (headaches, pain, etc)

- Somatized Fears

- Traunmatic memory loss/ dissassociation

- Emotional Outburst
- Self-Sabotage

- Unproductive Patterns

- Chronic Pain

- Behavioral Disorders

Signs That You Need Energy Healing

Energy Healing works well with any unwanted physical and emotional condition that has been repeating itself regardless of the amount of time and resources you’ve spent trying to resolve it.

The following questions will help you determine if you need Energy Healing:

- Are you dealing with an unhealthy compulsion, like excessive eating, drinking, smoking or spending?

- Do you sabotage your relationships, goals and/or health?

- Have you isolated yourself because of an unhealthy pattern?

- Do you experience anxiety, panic attacks or other physical symptoms regularly and/or in specific situations?

- Have you tried more than 3 times to achieve a goal only to be stopped by a physical symptom(s)?

If you find yourself answering yes to most of these questions, you may benefit from Energy Healing.

Some Things Done During Energy Healing

Many times our words past beliefs are limiting and get in the way of our efforts to truly understand ourselves.  Energy Healing is a term used to describe mind-body therapy that addresses physical emotional distress on a deeper level.  In that way, it works with a number of techniques to help us more accurately understand the triggers and more precisely apply the salves.

- Imagery/Visualization

- Hypnotherapy

- Crystal Healing

- Therapeutic Breathing

- Mindful Movements

- Intentional Affirmations

 Are you ready to get started with Energy Healing?

Unhealthy habits, unproductive patterns and chronic conditions are dis-empowering.  No longer do you need to feel defeated by your symptoms, nor do you need to feel burdened by your body and mind.  With Energy Healing, you too can enjoy a healthier body and a richer life. For more information about Energy Healing and whether it’s right for you, contact the studio at (778)384-7047 to schedule a consultation.

Distant Energy Therapy ~


Allows the powerful effects of energy therapy to be available to anyone anywhere in the world. Energy healing over any distance is just as effective as in person because all energy transmission and connection takes place in the spiritual dimension, which is not bound by space and time.

  • Every distant session consists of a pre-consultation phone/internet call, followed by a 1-hr energy session, and ending with a detailed email summary of your session 

  • It’s highly recommended to spend the energy session hour alone, awake, and in a relaxed state (although not absolutely necessary)

  • Email correspondence as needed is also included with your appointment

  • Just prior to your distant energy therapy appointment, an intake form (which I will email to you) should be filled in, signed and emailed back to me and your payment made by e-transfer (where available) or credit card

  • Prices are charged in Canadian dollars, which means great savings for some of you out there after you make the conversion!

…Distant energy healing is for those of you who want to experience true MAGIC…

Energy therapy opens the door to a path of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment through accessing and releasing unconscious energy patterns and blocks so that non-restricted life force energy can flow through being again to regenerate a healthier body, create freedom from limiting emotional patterns, and accelerate spiritual awareness.

Our services and fees reflect the level of commitment we offer our clients. Depending on the individual situation, this commitment can include follow-up contact for weeks after a final healing session. We also accept that adjustments and coaching between sessions to keep clients moving forward, is part of the healing journey. In the end, engaging in the services we offer is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and your family. 
Is that something you value?

All fees are in Canadian Dollars.
Payment can be Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer.


Please be advised that if you cancel your session within 24 hours of your reserved time, you will be charged the entire fee of your scheduled session.  It is very difficult to fill appointment times within 24 hours of cancellation. As much as I cherish you and our time together, my practice is a business and I must treat it as such. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. You will not be charged in case of illness or family emergencies.

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you all of the expectations, all of the beliefs and becoming who you are. 

~ Rachel Naomi Remen~

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