Crystal Healing Therapy

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you all of the expectations, all of the beliefs and becoming who you are. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." Paracelsus

Are you Feeling Anxious?

Are you Feeling Stressed?

Do you feel a lack of energy?

Are you feeling un-motivated

Looking for ways to relax and wind down

after a hectic week?

Energy Healing may be just what you need.


What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing practice is an “ancient spiritual and metaphysical art” that can help you bring balance and prosperity to your life through vibrations. “The vibratory harmonics of individual crystals and stones are used to help calibrate the vibrations in an individuals psychic aura, much like a tuning fork can help one find the correct pitch.”

The vibrations of crystals help to rebalance your own disconnected or disrupted vibes stuck in your “auric field.” 

Crystals can and are used for a range of reasons such as anxiety, pain, emotional discomfort, pain, bad breakups, or to try and find a deeper purpose in ones lives. The healing is different for everyone and depends on what that individual needs most to shift in their energies." Crystals can bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit. They are natural energizers and can clear and transform energy in a space  and one's auric field. 

A crystal therapy session can introduce you to the beautiful healing power of crystals and also support you in manifesting your ideas and intentions.

Crystal Chakra Balance/ Crystal Therapy

Crystals can be used to ensure the chakras are balanced and aligned on all levels of our body and assist the energy to flow freely. Together with our physical body we also have a subtle energy body that consists of channels of energy called the meridians. The Chakra systems are part of these meridians. The chakras are the seven main energy centres of the body. They exchange energy with the outside world and when energy flows freely, we live in a state of balance in the mind, body and spirit areas. When the flow of energy through the chakras is blocked we can become out of balance and alignment. Each chakra enhances different qualities on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Crystal energy clears any blockages in the chakras and ensures that the chakras flow with energy. Crystal therapy can also be used to release emotional blocks. They can help remove obstacles and blocks as well as assist with growth and transformation.

 Chakra 7 -"The Crown": The crown chakra, located on the top of

the head can be affected by emotional traumas connected to forced

religion, obedience or consistent miscommunication. Blockages in

the crown chakra can result in cognitive disorders, migraines, and

learning difficulties.

Chakra 6- "The Third Eye" or Brow Chakra: The brow

chakra located in the centre of the brow can be affected if you had

emotional traumas relating to an unsafe home environment, weren’t

able to establish your own identity or made to deny your intuition.

Blockages in this chakra can result in issues with the pituitary gland,

hormones, vision, the sinuses, migraines or concentration. 

Chakra 5- "The Throat": The throat chakra located in the centre

of your throat can be affected if you have had emotional traumas

relating to self-expression, criticism or exposure to drug and

alcoholabuse. Blockages in this chakra can result in thyroid

problems, chronic throat problems, frequent colds, fever blisters,

communication of self expression. 

Chakra 4- "The Heart": The heart chakra located in the centre of

your chest can be affected if you have had emotional traumas

relating to death, divorce, grief, rejections, betrayal or abandonment.

Blockages in this chakra can result in neediness, jealousy,

codependency, anxiety, lung problems, breathing difficulties,

asthma, an irregular heartbeat or high blood pressure.

Chakra 3- The Solar Plexus": The solar plexus chakra located in

the centre of your stomach can be affected if you have had emotional

traumas relating to, too much or too little responsibility, fear of

punishment or if your will was taken away. Blockages in this chakra

can result in issues with control, aggression, poor digestion, eating

disorders, ulcers, or diabetes.   

Chakra 2- "The Sacral": The sacral chakra, located in the lower

abdomen and can be affected if you have had emotional trauma

relating to abuse, or the denial of your feelings. Blockages in this

chakra can result in issues with you kidney, bladder, reproductive

organs and your adrenal glands. 

Chakra 1- "The Base (Root Chakra)": The root chakra located at

the base of the spine can be affected if you have ever had emotional

trauma relating to feeling unsafe; like the death of a parent, divorce

or abandonment. Blockages in this chakra can result in issues with

your feet, knees, large intestines, reproductive organs, and skin. 

Some Things Done During Crystal Healing

- Imagery/Visualization

- Crystal Meditation 

- Crystal Healing

- Therapeutic Breathing


- Intentional Affirmations


Are you ready to get started with Crystal Healing?

Unhealthy habits, unproductive patterns and chronic conditions are dis-empowering.  No longer do you need to feel defeated by your symptoms, nor do you need to feel burdened by your body and mind.  With Crystal Therapy Energy Healing, you too can enjoy a healthier body and a richer life. For more information about Crystal Healing Therapy and whether it’s right for you, contact the studio now.

Bringing together physics and metaphysics to explain why and how crystals work.

  • Mobile Service Fee- $25 additional

Crystal Light Therapy

A powerful guided imagery meditation during which crystals are introduced on the body, incorporating the sense of smell using essential oils & Spiritual sprays. Tapping, increases the vibration of the crystals into the energies of the body. Toning, using sound vibration to further increase the vibration/charge into the energy.

This treatment is a safe holistic approach to release, clear & cleanse each Chakra & person as a whole.

Treatments: $75/30min – $150/1hr

To further a treatment, follow up with a Crystal Point Massage(using Lemarian Quartz) to create a piezoelectric charge that interacts with your own electromagnetic field, further releasing blockages to create a synergistic blend of mind, body & spirit

Crystal Point Massage $75/30min

“Your personal vibration or energy state is a blend of the contracted or expanded frequencies of your body emotions and thoughts at any given moment. The more you allow your soul to shine through you, the higher your personal vibration will be.”

-Penney Peirce

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