Corporate Wellness 'Lunch & Learn': Nutrition and Health Education

Health and wellness has become necessary to create a healthy work life balance. Many employers are recognizing how employee health and wellness plays an important role in overall productivity and engagement. Often corporate wellness strategies focus on initiatives related to fitness such as gym memberships and fitness classes but neglect to focus on nutrition, which is one of, if not the biggest challenges influencing the health and productivity of employees.




. I’ve teamed up with Nature’s Fare Markets to offer a Lunch & Learn program that is an enjoyable way to learn about simple and effective ways to improve your health, both at home and at work.

1. Learn – Choose a lesson topic

What do you want to learn about?
I will do a 1-1.5 hour long presentation followed by a brief Q&A.

1. 10 Easy Steps to a Healthier Life
2. Eating Healthy on the Run
3. Nutrition: Myths & Truths
4. What Are Your Cravings Telling You?
5. The Facts About Fats
6. Healthy Body, Healthy Weight
7. Analyzing Food Labels: What to Look For
8. Managing Pain: Anti-Inflammatory Diet
9. Optimizing Energy for Better Productivity
10.Top 5 Supplements for a Stress Free Life

Are you interested in hosting a Lunch & Learn featuring a lesson topic that is not listed here?
Contact us to inquire about having one created specifically for your business and employees



My corporate wellness lunch and learns will teach your employees how to:

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Achieve optimal health

  • Increase energy to beat the afternoon slump

  • Clear brain fog and increase productivity

  • Boost the immune system naturally

This will save your company tons of money in the long run through fewer sick days. My corporate wellness lunch and learns will also leave your company with motivated and energetic employees who feel like they have a happy and supportive work environment.


Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn Topics

Keeping fit and healthy in a typical 9-5 job can be a difficult task for some employees. Make it easier for them by giving them easy ways to create a healthier lifestyle. There's no reason a lunch and learn needs to involve people sitting still in their chairs:

4. In-office exercises and stretches

  • Employees can learn simple stretches they can do at their desks

  • Keeps everyone active and part of a team effort to make a healthier office. 

5. A cooking class from a nutritionist

  • Gives ideas for healthy workplace lunches and snacks

  • A hands-on class provides practical skills

6. Lunch-time exercise activities lead by a certified instructor 

  • Yoga or Pilates class

  • Fitness boot camp

  • Meditation and mindfulness practice



Keynote Topics Include:

  • Improving your nutrition with Naturally Nourished

  • Weight Management and Body Composition Changes

  • Superfoods and Eating the Rainbow

  • Balancing Blood Sugar Levels and Curbing Sugar Cravings

  • Heart Healthy Eating

  • Improving your Digestive Health and the impact of Stress

  • The Power of Protein

  • Portion Distortion

  • Volumetrics for Weight Management

  • Setting SMART Goals

  • Healthy Dining out and Fast Food Selections

  • Healthy Eating on a Budget

  • Food-As-Medicine: Treatment and prevention of disease with natural foods

  • Exposing Fad Diets

  • The Anti-inflammatory Diet

  • Complex Carbohydrates

  • The Facts on Fats

  • Vital Vitamins and Minerals

  • The Green Grass Diet (Pasture-raised/Grass-fed impact on health)

  • What is Detox? Tips for healthy nutritional detox

  • Eating as a Locovore

  • Organics in the Food Industry


Lunch and Learn Presentations

Lunch and Learn classes are formatted for group presentations and are the perfect way to guide your employees to better health! These sessions will teach even the fast food junkies to expand their abundance of natural foods and how to combine foods for optimal body composition. They will not only learn what to eat but will master when and why they should eat specific types of foods!

Select from our list of Corporate Wellness topics or work with Angela ford-Reimche, M.Sc, Ph.D(cand), CET to customize your own! Each Session will be 60-75 minutes in length including time for a 30-45 minute presentation, Q&A, and hands on component. All seminars include the option of adding a hands-on food demonstration and recipe tasting of healthy meals in a FLASH or Superfoods for an additional fee based on expected participants.

Your program may consist of a series of quarterly initiatives with incentives for employee attendance. Participants can attend multiple lectures, which will build off one another yet if an employee is only able to attend one, they will be able to catch on to the core concepts presented. Each lecture will be unique in content and will include components of healthy eating and lifestyle changes that are applicable in daily life. Participants will learn a minimum of 3-4 take-home messages at each lunch and learn and will go home with a minimum of 2 recipes and 2-3 handouts from each session.

Pricing is based on detailed quote from initial discussion, package discounts may be applicable. Contact us today for your customized program!





Each lunch and learn is 60 minutes long including a question and answer period.  On top of the one-hour long presentation employees will have access to lecture notes and pertinent handouts.


Fitness Related Presentations

  1. How fitness and nutrition affect your hormones.

  2. Why All Women Should Lift Weights

  3. Kettle bell Training (The theory and demonstrations).

  4. 5 Functional Training exercises necessary to do in the gym.

  5. How to train in the gym for your sport.

  6. Cardiovascular Training- how and why. 

  1. Top 10 exercises you are doing wrong in the gym

  2. How to do dynamic warm up and cool down to prevent injury and get more from your workout.

  3. Foam Rolling:  Your body will thank you!

  4. Fitness on the Fly: Strategies for Working Adults

  5. How do I design a workout program?

  6. Desk Fitness:  Core and Posture training for desk employees. 

  7. ABS-SOLUTELY CORE:  Top 50 bodyweight exercises recommended by Katherine.  


Nutrition Related Presentations

  1. Emotional Eating. Understanding the connection between food and mood.

  2. No More Dieting. Change the way you think about food and exercise.

  3. Intuitive Eating.  You don’t have to give up the foods you love to maintain a healthy weight.

  4. Eating Healthy on a Budget

  5. Top 5 Nutritional Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

  6. Dining Out 101: Making smart choices away from home

  7. Grocery Shopping for Your Health

  8. Raising Healthy Kids in a Fast Food World

  9. Explaining Diet Programs: The pros and cons

  10. Decoding Food Labels

  11. The Vegetarian Way: Healthy plant-based eating

  12. Nutrition 101:  Where to start with healthy eating.

  13. Nutrition 102:  How to take your healthy eating to the next level.

  14. Portion Control & Weight Management

  15. Mastering the Slow Cooker: How to Make Easy Healthy Dinners


Healthy Lifestyle Presentations

  1. Stress Management 101

  2. 10 Weight Loss Myths You’ll Be Glad to Hear

  3. Aging with Grace & Vitality

  4. Life in the Fast Lane: How to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  5. Mindfulness and Meditation

  6. Commitment:  Why can’t I stay motivated to exercise and eat well?

  7. Demystifying Weight Loss- Make it Simple and Easy.


The Introduction to Health Package

Includes your choice of ten Lunch & Learn sessions

Cost - $2,000 plus GST ($200 per session)


The Advanced Health Package

Includes your choice of six Lunch & Learn sessions

Cost - $1500 plus GST ($250 per session)


The Lifestyle Change Package

Includes your choice of six Lunch $ Learn sessions.

Includes a 6-week group program as a follow up.  The six -week program will entail fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programming and accountability. 

Cost- $4000 plus GST


The Lunch and Learn “Taster”

Includes one session provided to your office at a reduced rate.  Cost- $150 plus GST


*  The prices do not include a lunch.  Healthy catering can be arranged if desired.







Often corporate wellness strategies focus on initiatives related to fitness such as gym memberships and fitness classes but neglect to focus on nutrition, which is one of, if not the biggest challenges influencing the health and productivity of employees.

Our monthly Nutrition Club is a new and one-of-a-kind successful, ongoing initiative that builds engagement and consistency for “walking the talk” for wellness in your organization. 

The monthly Nutrition Club started off as a one-year pilot project at a major Calgary-based oil and gas corporate office and due to popularity and growing membership we are now planning our third year. Feedback from attendees suggests that the facilitation of timely, relevant topics by an expert as well as group sharing was a great combination. Feedback from management suggests the success of this program was because it was ongoing each month and having one facilitator rather than many ensured consistent, non-conflicting information was offered to employees.

Nutrition Club is structured similarly to a book club with set and facilitated topics including collaboration and group sharing. Topics are chosen based on health risk assessment data, biometric screening results and employee interest. Each month club members also receive articles, recipes, podcasts and videos relevant to the topic to further expand learning. Monthly Nutrition Club can be facilitated onsite in a local Calgary, Alberta based office or alternatively by webinars.


  • Consistent, credible facilitation that really gets to know the group and dive into challenges and issues in greater depth over time.

  • Information that targets the top health concerns influencing employee health, disease management and workplace productivity.

  • Relevant topics driven by employee interest, requests and common health issues such as those shown in your company biometric screening and health risk assessments.

  • Employees are actively involved in sharing successes, group support and learning from each other, which creates cohesion, health leaders and mentors within your own organization.

  • Change is hard and this program focuses on ongoing support that builds over time, which is necessary to truly shift and sustain change.

Sample topics:

  • Nutrition to lower your blood cholesterol (or a family member’s!)

  • Nutrition for reducing your blood pressure (or a family member’s!)

  • Anatomy of a food label

  • Nutrition for weight management

  • Ideas on how to get more fruits and veggies into your diet

  • Popular diets and the science of carbs, protein and fat

  • Healthy meal planning for busy people

  • Eating out the healthy way

  • Sports nutrition strategies for fitness enthusiasts

  • February is heart month! Heart health nutrition

  • March is nutrition month. Ask any nutrition question in this “Ask the Dietitian” session

  • What, when and how much to eat

  • Kids, tweens and teen nutrition

  • Top 10 weight loss tips

  • Shift work survival

  • Emotional eating and managing cravings

  • Super suppers

  • Lunch with a punch

  • Better breakfasts and healthy snack attacks

  • How to have outstanding energy, manage your blood sugars and reduce diabetes




About our Lunch and Learns

We have an extensive and evolving selection of Lunch and Learns which utilize the collective knowledge of our team.

Delivered by one or more of our healthcare clinicians, our inspiring and refreshing seminars are geared to motivate your employees to make positive healthy lifestyle changes. We provide Lunch and Learns at no cost and allow your employees to learn more about health and wellness in a relaxed atmosphere.

Call us today to find out how our Lunch and Learns can reward your employees, creating champions for your corporate wellness culture.

Sample Topic List

Exercise and Nutrition

  • Exercise and diabetes

  • Benefits of acupuncture

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation

  • Chiropractic care – Benefits of Graston Therapy

  • Pre/Post-natal massage


  • Medical precautions before travel

  • Healthcare options for expatriates

  • Private healthcare options

  • Pediatric health

  • Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine

Psychological Health

  • Psychological health

  • Stress management

  • Child counseling options

Custom Lunch and Learns

Through our diverse team of healthcare clinicians we can create a custom Lunch and Learn topic for your organization. Our team includes: Family Doctors, Psychologists, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Kinesiologists, and Dietitians.

Fees – No charge and we will even bring lunch

We provide the Lunch and Learns at no charge and can be booked in as few as two weeks in advance. Depending on the topic, one or several of our clinicians will attend the Lunch and Learn to present the material and answer questions.

Our Lunch and Learns are designed to increase awareness in various health and wellness topics are we believe that our Lunch and Learn seminars will be a great benefit to your employees.

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