Libido Health: Men and Women

"If all pleasure is relief from tension, junk affords relief from the whole life process, in disconnecting the hypothalamus, which is the center of psychic energy and libido".

William S. Burroughs


Boost and increase  Libido naturally....
Do you suffer from low libido...?
Is your sex drive not where it use to be?
If you have little to no sex drive, rest assure that you’re not alone. There are alternative and natural options that can help to increase libido, and you can start increasing your sex drive naturally today.
Low and or lack of libido (your sex drive or desire for sexual activity) is a condition that's a lot more common than people think. Often it's a bit of a taboo to talk about it. 
Research has shown that lack of libido is more so common in women that it is in men, however, it significantly affects both sexes. According to recent research, 32 percent of women and 15 percent of men lack the desire to have sex regularly. Also, it seems that it's normal when you turn 40 to have low libido, for men to have erectile dysfunctions and women going through menopause to have low libido. The reality is that it does not have to be that way. 
Depending on whether you’re on the lower or higher end of the age spectrum, a low libido can strike at any point of your life for a number of variety of reasons. Some of which include: depression, stress, relationship issues, prescription medications, low testosterone, hormonal imbalances, being overweight, engaging in too little exercise, and excessive use of drug or alcohol. It's only natural, that many people wonder how to increase their libido.
For those that do not have low libido, but are in their forties and order, there are preventative measures to take to maintain one's libido from decreasing. 
At True Health Wellness, we take a natural and holistic approach to help our patients and clients improve their libido naturally. 
Our natural and holistic approach to increasing libido....
- addresses the underlying emotional blockage
- natural, herbal and homeopathic remedies help with increasing circulation to the male and female reproductive organs
-high quality and professional grade supplements
- essential oils (when needed)
- addresses hormone imbalances
- natural ways to calm the nervous system
- lifestyle changes and libido boosting diet
 Let us help you to improve and increase your libido naturally. 
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"Another technique for fending off suffering is the employment of the displacements of libido which our mental apparatus permits of and through which its function gains so much in flexibility. The task here is that of shifting the instinctual aims in such a way that they cannot come up against frustration from the external world".

Sigmund Freud

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Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant, Health & Wellness Coach, Life Purpose Coach and Energy Healer.
"I see myself as a health and wellness coach, advocate and mentor. My goal is to spark and stimulate the healing process with the natural and multi faceted modalities of  biological medicine and holistic protocols..."
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