Assessment & Testing Fees 

REBA Machine Testing Fees:

Supplement Testing: $120


(up to 20 supplement)


**Additional supplements is $2 extra per supplement**

Organ Testing & Filtering: $100

(Only organs that are disturbed, up to 7 organs at a time)

**Additional organs $5 extra per organ**

Organ & Supplement Testing:  (combined): $200

Up to 20 supplements + 7 organs

**Additional organ/ supplement combo $7 extra per combination**

Filtering with Organs & Supplements: $250 

(up to 20 supplements)

**Additional supplement filtering is $5 per filter**

Body Composition Testing?

Body Composition Analysis: $85

Food Sensitiviy/ Intolerance Testing

Food Sensitivity- Initial Testing (REBA): $110

Food Sensitivity - Retest              (REBA)- $50

Acid Base Balancing: Test and Correction- pH Testing

We believe that balancing your body’s pH level is essential to your health.

In every health consultation, a pH test is done to determine your body’s overall health

level. This analysis, allows us to show you the specifics that your body needs to regain

or maintain an alkaline pH.

Salivary and urine samples are taken and analyzed to identify the acidity vs alkalinity
of the body's terrain and milieu.

Acid Base Balance Testing: $30

(Includes saliva or urine testing)

Acid Base Balance Testing & Corrections: $65

(Includes: acid base balancing test + remedies +pH strips)

Acid Base Balance Correction: $35 


(Includes: acid base balancing remedies +ph strips)

Intracellular Matrix Testing & Corrections: $77


 (Includes: cellular matrix testing and remedies) 

**Zinc & Selenium remedies- (additional charge if needed): $76


“If you look back on a period of psychological or spiritual growth, you’ll generally find that it’s when you’ve let go of something that you have made progress. It’s the letting go that allows you to expand and grow.” 
― Ian Watson, The Homeopathic Miasms - A Modern View

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