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Investing in your health is big decision. I never want my clients to waste their time or money trying treatment after treatment that doesn’t hone in on the core issues that are currently limiting their sense of health and well being.


Most of my assessments are done via a Reba Test Device. My testing tools allow me to offer a real-time snapshot of what is happening inside your body. I can then target the key systems that are driving imbalance and fast-forward the healing process.


This device was designed in Germany and is used extensively throughout Europe.

What is REBA Testing?

The REBA device transmits a spectrum of brain waves similar to an


It creates low frequency sound waves which match the delta,

theta, alpha, and beta waves in the human brain. 


Utilizing the Reba Machine, I can assess the overall health of the patient by 

measuring different aspects of the body including:

1. The patient's overall vitality

2. the energy of the patient's various organs, functions and body systems

    - Dental and related structure foci:

    - (Example- hidden infection, implant or amalgam intolerance)

    - Organ stress from foci or milieu:

    - (Example- heart, liver, kidney, etc.)

3. the pH level of the connective tissues

4. the vitamin, mineral and enzyme status of the body

5. food sensitivities and in-tolerances

6. status of different hormones 

7. any chakra/ emotional imbalances

8. energetic screening for various pathogenic organism including: the presence of bacteria, yeast or fungus

9. compatibility of health products including: supplements. Are they improving your vital vital energy or decreasing it. This takes the guess work out of it. 

What is Body Composition Testing?

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is used to gain information about body composition.  This test measures muscle mass, fat mass, cellular function, and hydration status. These results can be used to develop specific nutritional, detoxification, and weight management programs.

Food Sensitivity/ Allergy Testing


This simple test allows us to test various food sensitivities.  Food

allergies may be associated with a variety of conditions including

digestive issues, skin conditions, joint pain, low immune function,

and mood or behavioural issues.

We are all knowingly or unknowingly, suffering the cumulative effects of

environmental toxins from pollution, heavy metals, radiation, drugs,

pesticides and solvents to the foods in our diet, preservatives and additives that all leave behind their toxic, free radical producing wastes. Toxic elements and incompatible foods can take the place of the essential nutrients and minerals causing interference of normal function. We test food allergy reactions, hormone levels and environmental toxins to help you find the causative factors that may be impacting your health.

Acid Base Balancing: Test and Correction- pH Testing


The letters pH (which means ‘potential hydrogen’) is a scale of measurement for

relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution; or, in our case, the body’s fluids or

environment. The body’s pH balance is absolutely important in achieving optimal and

vibrant health. The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. The

entire metabolic process depends on an alkaline environment. Chronic over-acidity

corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and

functions, from the beating of your heart, to the neural firing of your brain. In other

words, over-acidity interferes with life itself. It is at the root of all sickness and disease.

—from “The pH Miracle” by Dr. Robert Young

We believe that balancing your body’s pH level is essential to your health.

In every health consultation, a pH test is done to determine your body’s overall health level. This analysis, allows us to show you the specifics that your body needs to regain or maintain an alkaline pH.

Salivary and urine samples are taken and analyzed to identify the acidity vs alkalinity of the body's terrain and milieu. We help to regulate this by:
  • Acid-base balance through milieu modulation
  • Cellular matrix testing and filtering
  • Use of mineral remedies
  • Milieu self-regulation and toxic excretion
  • Promoting detoxification and healthy intestinal flora
  • Addressing trace mineral and vitamin deficiencies

“If you look back on a period of psychological or spiritual growth, you’ll generally find that it’s when you’ve let go of something that you have made progress. It’s the letting go that allows you to expand and grow.” 
― Ian Watson, The Homeopathic Miasms - A Modern View

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